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Featuring the best things to do and places to visit in the U.S. and around the world, our maps and guides are created by local experts to give you the best insider tips. Because we live here.

The Curbed guide to America’s favorite regions

7 serene lake houses you can rent right now

If you’ve been dreading this summer’s sticky, sweaty heat, take a break from the high temps and retreat to a lakefront getaway.

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Curbed's guide to architectural tourism across the country

With summer travel season about to start, we've assembled a list of some of the best tours, sites and buildings for architecturally-minded travelers to add to their itinerary.

Visiting the Jersey Shore? Here’s what you should do

Wildlife refuges, museums, and brewing companies to consider visiting when you’re not at the beach.

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The 18 best things to do in Santa Fe if you love design

Everything you should do in the New Mexican capital, including—yes—the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and beyond.

5 gorgeous Victorian homes for sale in Cape May

Prepare to be charmed by these 19th-century Victorians, from a massive bed and breakfast, to an expertly restored turn-of-the-century spot.

21 things to do in the mountains around LA

Hike to a hot spring. Picnic lakeside. Eat pizza in a log cabin. Stargaze. Pick berries.

15 places to stay on the Jersey Shore

Rustic tiny house in Cape May? Resort in Atlantic City? The choice is yours

Architecture and design for travelers

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Day hiking on Mount Rainier: An introductory guide

There’s so much to explore on the Northwest’s most visible mountain—but here’s how to get started.

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Postmodern and late modern architecture: The ultimate guide

Great architecture that’s often under-appreciated, misunderstood, and unprotected

14 Washington State campgrounds with historic buildings to explore

Campouts for history buffs, architecture aficionados, and abandoned-place enthusiasts.

Where to stay

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Seattle-area camping trips for everyone

Want to leave the car at home? Stay by the water? Rent a cabin? Hit the backcountry?

The Bay Area's best campsites accessible by bus or bike

Car-free and carefree.

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7 modern beach houses for rent in the Hamptons

From Southampton to Montauk, rentals to consider if you’re looking for rentals with 21st-century style.

Which Hamptons town should you visit?

How to make sense of the East End’s many villages and hamlets.

How to get to (and around) the Hamptons without a car

No wheels? You can go to the beach and, really, anywhere else on the East End. Here’s how.

The 5 most scenic Hamptons bike rides

Curbed’s picks for the best rides of the summer.

National parks and the outdoors

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Here are the worst times to leave for Memorial Day weekend

It will be busier than last year

38 must-have apps for summer camping and road trips

From trip planning to packing checklists to finding the perfect hiking trail, there’s an app for that.

The 12 best Mid-Atlantic beach towns to visit this summer

And how great is it that Philly is located smack dab in the middle of the Jersey shore and Delaware beaches? We've picked 12 of the best beach towns to check out this month, from the picture-perfect Cape May to Delaware's lovely Bethany Beach.

9 dog-friendly campgrounds near Seattle

Get your pup tent—and your pup—ready for an adventure.

Travel stories

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The best A-frames and geodesic domes to rent near San Francisco

Add some triangularity to your vacation.

8 essential backpacking trips near Seattle

When was the last time you found bliss in the backcountry?

5 lovely A-Frames near Philly you can escape to this summer

A-Frames are making a comeback. Here are five A-Frame cabins you can rent within a two hour’s drive from Philly.

In Puerto Escondido, Brutalism and thatched roofs with a side of sand and surf

Love design and planning a trip to Mexico? Skip Tulum and try this beach town on the country’s Oaxacan coast.

Open Thread: What are your tricks for getting to the shore in the summer?

Give us the 411

13 cool and refreshing swimming lakes and rivers near Philly

Here are 13 cool and refreshing lakes and rivers within two hours of Center City where you can (legally!) take a dip.

18 wildflower hikes to explore near Seattle

Alpine wildflowers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest are some of the most impressive in the country.

A Frank Lloyd Wright resort in Pennsylvania adds a new home

At Polymath Park, visitors can spend a night staying in the architect’s homes, including the newly reconstructed Lindholm House.

The best 19th-century vacation rentals in New Orleans

Where else are you going to live out your Interview with the Vampire fantasies?

7 weird and wonderful San Juan Islands vacation rentals

Island life is a little different, and so are these rentals—from treehouses to a gnome chalet.

7 cozy cabins for rent in the North Georgia Mountains

All come with panoramic views, outdoor living spaces, and lot of natural beauty.

7 cozy cabins to rent Up North this summer

If you’re getting out of southeast Michigan this season, start with these quaint and jaw-dropping options

7 Austin vacation rentals with pools

Where to stay and take a dip this summer in the capital of Texas